Earlier this year, Cologne-based singer/songwriter Haris Ajrulahi (ASTIR/ALSO ASTIR) tapped electronic producer, BAILE, to help produce his original track ‘Storm’. Afterwards, BAILE decided to rework the original into a moody, subtle dance track that pairs analogue pads with Ajrulahi’s delicate vocals. The synthesizers in the song ebb and flow with the vocals; sometimes washing over them and at other times letting them sit firmly atop the mix. 


Ajrulahi’s vocals recall moments lost and strife abounding in a past relationship while ambience slowly envelopes the driving, 4-on-the-floor beat that propels the song forward. ‘I wanna see, I wanna come and feel you’ sings Ajrulahi as the synth progression mimics fingertips grasping to touch.