Ellyn Woods - Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

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Ellyn Woods continues to explore her roots as a songwriter with her most stripped back song to date: Morning Coffee. Melancholy guitar sets the tone as Ellyn expresses the isolation felt while on the road and away from those we love – surrounded by people, experiencing beauty, but ultimately feeling empty without someone to share it all with. 

Concerns about an uncertain future, and more time spent on the road, threaten to clash with the peace of living quietly and peacefully at home in the comfort of a loving partner. As the song nears its end, Ellyn’s voice and guitar begin to give way to growing ambience and noise, overtaking the core elements of the song like intrusive thoughts, before retreating and leaving things as they began – Ellyn strumming her guitar. 

"I initially wrote this song for my boyfriend while I was travelling. I thought it was cute but I never had any intention of releasing it. I started performing morning coffee at my acoustic shows & it was always a crowd pleaser. This little love song means something to us & I hope it reminds you of someone you love."  


- Ellyn Woods