About H.Y. Records

House of Youth is an independent record label, founded in 2016, with a focus on releasing music from an eclectic range of forward-thinking artists. Beginning as a locally-focused, Montreal-based label, the last few years have seen the label grow to release music from both new and established artists across North America and Europe. 

Label staples like CLANN, Nuage, BAILE, Ellyn Woods and Sterling Grove have made waves within their respective scenes, earning support from like-minded producers, tastemaking DJs and acclaimed press outlets, all the while cementing HY as a respected name in the electronic and indie scenes. 

The current goal of the label is twofold: to foster the careers of new artists – developing them from the ground up – while simultaneously cultivating the careers of more established ones seeking to push their projects to a higher level.

The label boasts a full circle, multi-faceted approach towards releasing music, pairing releases with thoughtfully-curated visuals often made in-house. HY has also begun creating events, with the same attention to detail as their music and visuals, in an effort to further expand the experience that is House of Youth.