After All This Time

After All This Time

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After All This Time is the debut full-length album by Brooklyn-based producer BAILE. Inspired by house and downtempo, BAILE (Reed Kackley) creates textured electronic compositions that blend foley recordings, warm analog synthesizers, and subtle ambient elements. The album features vocal performances by Felicia Douglass (Dirty Projectors, Ava Luna), Kauf, Haulm, Ellyn Woods, and IYVES. 


“‘After All This Time’ was primarily written during the year-long lockdown I experienced in NYC due to COVID-19. With much of the music industry shut down and a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of the world I found myself sitting down and writing new compositions as a way to remain productive. I’ve wanted to put out a full-length album for a while now and the opportunity finally presented itself as a result of these unusual and unfortunate circumstances. ‘After All This Time’ is named after the title track but it also reflects my feelings on having finally put out an album after starting this project about 7 years ago. 


There are a handful of songs on the album that are drafts that sat in a folder for years without being finished, usually because I was searching for the right vocalist to fill in the blanks and elevate the track — Follow, Lost You & Knows No End are all such tracks. The album features vocal performances by some really amazing artists — most of whom I have worked with in the past — including Felicia Douglass (Dirty Projectors, Gemma), JT Norton (Haulm), Kauf, IYVES, Ellyn Woods & K. Marie Kim. 


I wanted to construct an atmosphere that the album feels like it lives in, while still keeping the mood varied across songs. I used various recordings of NYC that I’ve taken over the years either on my phone or zoom recorder to tie tracks together and make the album feel ‘lived in’. I tend to gravitate toward moody compositions while using warm analog synths and a smattering of vocal chops that give the songs a ‘voice’. The percussion is always a mix of raw and synthetic elements meant to groove but not necessarily feel like a dance-floor hit. Overall, it's an album that I hope people can experience not only in headphones —  and get lost for an hour — but also as something you could put on before or after a night out.“ - BAILE