BAILE - Cubed


Cubed is the first Single on BAILE’s Debut album. Fans have been waiting for this moment. With it’s Hypnotizing bass line and melancholic tones, BAILE captivates fans with a high BPM that keeps us moving. The song is paired with a cinematic music video filmed on super 16 which transcends an intergalactic energy.


“The crux of ‘Cubed’ — a swaying gated synth, layered over a sustained bass and a repetitive, driving beat — was written in a single session.  Over time I added ambiences made up of piano, bells & vocal samples (Felicia Douglass). This song, along with many others from the album, was written around the start of the lockdowns due to COVID-19 here in New York. The mood of this track in particular reflects an anxious, struggling-to-keep-your-head-above-water feeling.” - BAILE