Follow (Single)

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Follow is the Fifth Single from BAILE’s 12 track album After All This Time. A break in pace from the rest of the album, Follow is downtempo and ambient, paired with chopped vocals from Montreal's own indie artist Ellyn Woods.


“ ‘Follow' was an instrumental that I had laying around for a few years now. It's a simple track consisting of a couple layers of pads, some sampled piano and an 808 bass sitting atop some heavy-hitting percussion. When I linked up with Ellyn, her tone and style seemed like a perfect fit for the song. She laid down a first round of vocals on the song which actually caused me to cut some of her vocals up and sample them, while simultaneously rearranging the song. I then sent the rearranged track back to her and she did a second round of vocals which became the final ones. “ - BAILE


“ When I first heard this song by Baile, I felt transported to a mystical world. I wrote the lyrics from the perspective of a character who’s getting lost in this world, but trusting the guidance of someone leading them somewhere. Like Alice in Wonderland, trying to find her way home. “ Ellyn Woods