BAILE - Fall at Lake Taghkanic

Fall at Lake Taghkanic

BAILE returns with a new batch of ambient works to soundtrack the chilling fall and winter months. The first volume of ambient pieces, released in March 2023, has already garnered over 500,000 streams, with strong playlisting support from Spotify and Apple Music. The new EP builds upon the first, blending spacious ambience with droning synthesizers and foley sounds captured by Kackley (BAILE) over the past few months. From rain at the beach in North Carolina to the overbearing trains passing on top of Broadway Ave in Brooklyn, these songs are layered with textures of life at its calmest and most chaotic.

Fall at Lake Taghkanic is a track inspired by hiking around the lake at the Taghkanic State Park in New York. The dull murmur of nature is captured using foley recordings taken from around the lake. Rustling leaves ebb and flow throughout the piece – melancholy abounds as hushed pianos shuffle amidst somber pads.