After All This Time

After All This Time (Single)

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After All This Time is the fourth single and title track of BAILE’s New album. This song features Felicia Douglass, with whom BAILE has often collaborated with in the past. The chemistry between this Brooklyn based duo, Felicia and BAILE, is unmatched. After All This Time is the follow-up to their iconic remixes of AMAE by Sasha (one of the biggest dance music legends) and WITHOUT by Tim Green. This song channels Jamie XX energy, with its minimal drums and raw melancholy vocals by Felicia Douglass. We are excited to see the future hit remixes this title track and full album can bring. 

“After All This Time, the title track from my upcoming album, was the last track I wrote for the album. It was fully written around Felicia Douglass’s vocals. She had originally recorded the vocals for a different song, Dent, but the vocals felt like they needed a more minimal canvas so I pulled them into a new session and wrote an instrumental around them.” - BAILE

I love the instrumental progression of After All This Time. It feels encouraging to me which ties in well with the lyrics. I talk about how part of personal growth is learning to accept help in order to move forward, however long that may take.” - Felicia Douglass