Knows No End

Knows No End

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Knows no End’, the second single and focus track of BAILE’s debut album, is a moody dance track that features melancholy piano chords and sleek FM synths that ebb and flow over raw percussion and breaks. JT Norton’s (Haulm) vocals sit atop the track moving it into a contemplative space — oscillating between bliss and dismissiveness over a strained relationship. The track began with piano set over a simple beat and a looping vocal sample — ‘knows no end’ — that was pulled from an old demo that JT and I had been working on. The song really took shape once JT fleshed out a verse and chorus for the song. The final piece of the production fell into place when I worked in the breakdowns featured in the middle and the end of the track where synths and arpeggios swell beneath the repeated line: ‘just because I’m better off’.

“‘Knows No End’ sat in my drafts folder for a couple of years before I got it into the hands of JT Norton — a frequent collaborator of mine who is the vocalist and co-producer in my side-project: Haulm. His vocals breathed new life into what was just a simple beat accompanied by piano chords and a vocal sample — ‘knows no end’ — that I pulled from some demo that JT and I had worked on years ago. The last piece of production came in the form of swelling FM synths and arpeggios that build over a breakbeat and finally reach a climax at the end of the song atop a contorting, stabbing bass.” - BAILE

“'Knows No End' is about the distance growing between two people and how they decide to cope with it, whether to stay or leave.” - HAULM