Belonging  - Single

Belonging - Single

Montreal-based electronic duo Sterling Grove make a big return on their imprint House of Youth. An old, forgotten guitar recording, some sequenced drums, a dirty bass synth and Monsoonsiren join forces to comprise "BELONGING". House of Youth presents the result in an eerie, twisted music video.

"The project started coming to life when we tried to sample an old guitar recording from our friend Billel Mansouris. The once slow tempo recording took a new form when we sped it up in Ableton, dropped a four-to-the-floor kick and triggered the dirtiest prophet bass preset we could find. Soon after that we knew some airy vocals were needed to make it more our sound. We really enjoyed working with Monsoonsiren’s voice on the "Parallel Lines" record, so we felt it would make a great follow up. 


The production then took on a completely new form when we called up our friend, model and actress Meredith Adelaide, to star as the main character in a music video we didn't really have a clear idea for. We had visuals in mind and felt that, by pairing some good locations with some solid acting, we could experiment freely. Luckily, things started to reveal themselves to us as we filmed it. We worked with talented D.O.P. Alexandre Bussiere and had the full resources from the HY crew at our disposal to make it happen."