Cabin Days

Cabin Days [Album]

Cabin Days is the second studio EP by Sterling Grove. The project is a one-off capsule designed to explore a new spectrum of sound for the duo. Calling in long-time collaborators Ellyn Woods on vocals and Billel Mansouri on guitars, the duo aims to create a full-band, festival-ready sound with this release. The summer-infused EP is a great blend of organic and electronic jams, channeling the energy of the acts such as Maribou State, Jungle, and many more. 

The project was written in Summer 2019 over a period of 10 days in a cabin. Laurent St-Pierre provides extra support on live drums.

The project is set to feature dance remixes by label friends BAILE, Nuage, Giuseppe Lanni, and Sterling Grove themselves.

The project is paired with a long-form visualizer of the band’s 10-day retreat, all captured on an old school camcorder to emulate a 1990’s feel. The retro visuals are accompanied by a wave of high-end 3D visuals by House of Youth Studios, creating a diverse aesthetic that matches Sterling Grove’s deft blend of traditional House and crisp modern production.