Closer - Ellyn Woods


Ellyn Woods invites you “Closer.” Soaring soulful vocals and swelling atmospheric synths highlight this track, as Ellyn explores the highs and lows of a relationship atop a thumping drum groove and popping bassline. Ellyn alternates between grand, choir-backed choruses and stripped back verses, anchored by a funky rhythm section that drives the song forward. This indie electronic twist on disco and soul is sure to be embraced by fans of Jungle, Parcels, Neil Frances, and Poolside.

“With the song ‘closer’ I wanted to explore the range of my voice and push the boundaries of the sound that people expect from me. This song was a challenge for me to record, as my voice would often break hitting the high notes. I took many vocal lessons and through the process I surprised myself with what I was capable of. We all have dreams and fantasies about the person we wish we could be, to me this song is about becoming ‘closer’ to yourself.

There is inner conflict when we have to leave behind preconceived ideas about who we are in order to evolve into the person we are meant to be. “ – Ellyn Woods