Ellyn Woods - Human


Stream/Buy: https://idol-io.ffm.to/Human 


Raw emotion overflows in Ellyn Woods’ new single ‘Human’ – her first solo-release since her debut LP ‘All at Once’ in 2021. The track is both a return to form as well as a new chapter for Woods as she strips back the production and allows her voice and songwriting prowess to take center stage. 

Melancholy piano chords, sprinkled with hints of distortion, set the backdrop of ‘Human’. Woods’ vocals, drenched in vulnerability, command full attention as ambient pads and vocal loops shift underneath. Muffled percussion, submerged in reverb, shuffles along amidst the ambience beneath Woods’ vocals. “I want the calm; I want the chaos”, Woods sings as the song nears its climax, blending pianos from the original recording and a piano take from a live rendition of the song, creating a sense of in-the-moment improvisation juxtaposed against a rigid, gated synth melody and 808 rims and shakers. 

“This song is deeply personal to me. ‘Human’ is a song about self-forgiveness, about making mistakes & allowing yourself permission to heal. I wrote the lyrics on a train heading back to Montreal where I was living at the time. I was feeling so lost at that moment, I tried to put it into words. A couple days later I got in the studio with (fellow House of Youth artist) Giuseppe Lanni. He played these haunting chords on the piano, I sang my lyrics, & the song was born. I never changed the lyrics or structure from that first demo, I wanted to embrace the vulnerability of that moment.”