From Sunset

From Sunset

‘From Sunset’, the debut album from St. Petersburg-based composer/pianist Omfeel, marks her first solo endeavor following multiple collaborations with fellow Russian-based electronic producer Nuage. Over the last few years she has provided piano accompaniment for Nuage, anchoring his signature melodic breakbeats around her lush, contemplative melodies.


The album allows Omfeel to step into the foreground and showcase her skill in crafting deep, yet catchy, piano arrangements that pull from her love of multiple genres - both classical and contemporary. 


On the process of creating the album, Omfeel remarks:


A lot of compositions are built on a musical riff that permeates the entire track, sets the rhythmic basis and induces the listener into a kind of trance. In each riff, you can hear a hidden two-voice, like Bach's music, which makes the motive even more interesting and elusive.  A beautiful harmony is strung on this riff and the whole idea of ​​the track develops from it."


"The piano arrangements are supported by synths written on the Korg Minilogue. I love this instrument very much. On it you can create deep pads and textures, with a warm lo-fi tone."


"I think this album is a good reflection of my journey - the transformation from the classical world of music to the modern one. In the piano, you can hear a mixture of the classics, neoclassical, and pop harmonies – and this whole world is carefully enveloped by electronics, giving even more atmosphere and depth.”