Giuseppe Lanni - Time


Montreal-based DJ and producer, Giuseppe Lanni, tops off a year of top-notch releases with his much-anticipated ‘Time’ EP. 


On the A-Side, ‘Time’, Lanni teams up with fellow Montreal-based artist Forrest for a sharp, emotive slice of melodic techno. An arpeggiated bass synth propels the track along as Forrest gently croons “Time: all I wanted, and now we know just what is on that road”. Silky leads and airy pads fill out the rest of the track to create a haunting, moody atmosphere – showcasing what Lanni does best. 


The B-Side, ‘What Do We Know’ takes a deeper route, favoring massive leads and a heavy, pulsing sub bass. With a dark, menacing vibe perfect for a late-night warehouse set, Lanni lets the synths do the talking.