In the Backyard feat. Ellyn Woods (One Year Ago Edit)

In the Backyard

With each release, Sterling Grove fully display their ability to grow and develop as musicians and producers. Their newest remix from their album, Parallel Lines, off their label House of Youth Records, is a driving atmospheric club song that is the official follow up from their hit single “Sound of Home”. They collaborated with Ellyn Woods to create an English version of there song “One Year Ago” by taking the instrumental and fusing the vocals from Ellyn’s “Backyard” single taken fron her debut album. The tune has an incredibly wide stereo soundscape made through field recordings and synthesizers with a deep piano progression to perfectly blend with Ellyn’s voice. Mid way through, the song spirals to a freeform ambience with detuned synths, pianos, and reverbed vocals before building to the climax. The unification of these aspects epitomizes Sterling Grove’s skill to give the dance floor euphoria with an entertaining headphone experience. After 3 years since their last release together, they’re happy to be put out another strong one.