Nuage - 0% Anxiety

0% Anxiety




‘0% Anxiety’ is Nuage’s 4th album, capping off a decade-long career with an album filled to the brim with emotion. This album features an abnormally large number of features for the artist but the result is a body of work that packs an emotional punch on top of being perfect for setting off a dancefloor. 

On the process of creating the LP, Kuzmin says:

“For me, music has always been healing – a feeling that removes anxiety, and points you in a positive direction. Perhaps that is why I really wanted to give this vibe to the listeners, to conduct a sound therapy. The last two years of recording the album were accompanied by tough things in my life (and the lives of many others), nevertheless I wanted to record the most danceable and inspiring album of my career – to put forth a mix of nostalgia, freedom and euphoria. This LP became a piece of work that I had never done before and I see it as a message to all freedom and peace loving people. I believe electronic music and the dancefloor are universal spaces, which inspires and creates love and peace. I close my eyes, my mind is under control, my anxiety levels go to zero.”