Mind Control Pt. 1

Mind Control Pt. 1

Stream/Buy: https://idol-io.link/MindControl_Pt.1

‘Mind Control’ is set to be a series of EP’s focused on more upbeat, driving tracks, diverging from Kuzmin’s typical chillout dance style. The music is made to
feel comfortable both in the club and in headphones and is a modern interpretation of classic era house and garage, inspired by the DJs that regularly spun at London’s renowned fabric.


These releases will be supported by a new string of parties, also titled ‘Mind Control’, and headlined by Nuage. The parties will be a platform for Kuzmin to showcase this alternate sound.


Kuzmin, on the creation of ‘Mind Control’:


“When you’re on the dancefloor the only thing you can feel is the music so the music controls your mind. Following all these stressful events around the world, the dancefloor continues to be a shelter for unity, love and peace. My message here is to free your mind and let dance music control it. It's my goal to create music for the dancefloor of a dream – a place we all feel safe and happy – that’s the meaning of the ‘Mind Control’ series.”