Our Language

Our Language [Album]

Nuage & Omfeel present Our Language - a full-length two-part album featuring the slick production of Russian electronic music producer Nuage and the lush piano arrangements of composer Omfeel. Through the synthesis of their talents, Nuage and Omfeel produce a timeless record that fuses the energy of early 90s dance music with the minimalism of modern classical composers like Phillip Glass. The album follows their debut single “There’s No End in the Beginning,” which, to date, has amassed over 3 million streams worldwide. Their collaboration is sure to engage fans of Bonobo, Parra for Cuva, Kiasmos, and other acts currently pushing the boundaries of electronic and house music. The duo have paired with Icelandic photographer and filmmaker OVORS to create a dreamy series of album covers and videos, amplifying the album’s rich soundscapes with equally-stunning visuals. The album will be pressed onto a limited-edition vinyl and will feature the single “There’s No End in the Beginning” as well as an acoustic re-recording of the track to upgrade the release to a 12-song package.