Wake Up feat. Ellyn Woods (BAILE Remix)

Wake Up (BAILE Remix)

On his remix of “Wake Up,” the lead single from Ellyn Woods and Sterling Grove’s upcoming EP Cabin Days, BAILE amplifies the electronic dance aspects of the original track and presents a dance floor-ready rendition, just in time for the start of summer. Laying a foundation of pumping kicks, ticking percussion, and reverberating piano, BAILE expands on Ellyn Woods’ lyrics and the song’s message through clever choices in production and effects. BAILE pushes the original song’s warbling synth lead further forward in the mix, foregrounding the bird-like chirping. The wavering, pitched-around vocals emulate the feelings of grogginess in the first few minutes of getting out of bed. BAILE deftly preserves the song’s core while filtering it through his unique brand of house, providing a tasteful companion to Ellyn Woods and Sterling Grove’s original piece. Releasing June 11, 2021.